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Custom website tailored to fit your business

Customer needs are mostly unchanged over the years. For example, customers who do domain business do not want to expose their prices to competitors, so most of them want to apply the Log in for price function and a more discounted price to special customers. These requests gathered one by one to differentiate and subdivide Yubinsoft’s own wholesale and retail shopping mall.

- Off Credit Card Payment

User’s encrypted credit card details store on each order & admin can see this details via encryption password.

- Bulk Variations

Makes it easier for you to add variations to your store, and easier for customers to buy them in bulk.

- Stock Location in Packing List

Make it easier for your warehouse staff to locate the items.

- PDF Invoice & Pre Order

Automated invoice and packaging slip generation for every order.

- Reset Password for Customer

Customers can easily reset their password by requesting a new one through the administrator page if they forget it.

- Mimimum Order

Set the minimum amount that you want customers to spend in order to complete a purchase.

- Customer Registration Approval

You can easily manage the users from the back office. You can approve user accounts, grant or reject

- Login to See Price

ideal for any wholesale, membership, b2b or otherwise private store that needs to hide prices.

- Security - reCAPTCHA

Advanced Google reCAPTCHA will safeguard your WordPress site from spam comments and brute force attacks.

- Tax ID & Sales Certificate Upload

You can easily secure your membership information in a short time by uploading your Tax ID and Sales Certificate.

- App & Website User Sync

When user creates account on App, same account is created in website too.

- App & Website Auto Login

Automatically link external web pages to the app with seamless login. Customers can access without needing to enter the website address anymore.