Going Wholesale without Shopify Plus

Are you going to pay $2,000 per month or a monthly app fee?

– Get Resale Tax ID when signing up
– Price cannot be confirmed until approval
– Approve or reject customer after checking Tax ID
– After approval, you can login to see price or purchase
– Minimum order

All of the essential features above can be operated without monthly app fees or Shopify Plus.

Do you need a wholesale function on your website?
Or are you going to build a Shopify Wholesale website from scratch?

- Login to See Price

This function hides the price to avoid unnecessary price exposure to competitors and prevents regular customers without Tax ID from visiting.

shopify login to see price

- Resale Tax ID

In the case of a B2B business rather than a B2C business, you can prevent customers from visiting without a Resale Tax ID.

shopify resale tax id

- Minimum Order

Due to the nature of the wholesaler, a minimum amount is required as we sell large quantities of items rather than trading one or two items.

shopify minimum order

- New Customer Registration Approval

This is a function to prevent some competitors from wanting to know the price and operation method so that they only sign up for membership and upload information, or prevent regular customers from registering.

shopify New Customer Registration Approval

There are three Shopify plans
It is divided into Basic ($29/month), Shopify ($79/month), and Advanced ($299/month).
The differences between these three plans are the number of staff accounts you can add, gift card availability, and payment fees.

In actual operation, the fee for using Shopify consists of a flat monthly fee and a required monthly app fee.

Yubinsoft will give you freedom from the burden of monthly app usage fees.

Consultation progress> delivery of quote> Construction starts after contract (50% payment)> Inspection and revision> After paying 50% of the balance, it will be done in the order of domain linking and store opening.

You can get help right away with Yubinsoft’s long-standing know-how for consulting on difficulties encountered after construction or additional operation.

Basic essential functions will take about 2 weeks. Other added features will take extra time.

It takes 4 weeks (based on business days) from the time of receiving the data from the customer.
The period may be increased if it is in the detailed development history according to theme customization and branding.