basic app

The basic app includes the following features.

$99 per month, $300 setup fee (iOS, Android)

  • make a call
  • coupon
  • Rewards card (manual or via QR code)
  • Menu or link function (if there is a website, it can be executed in the app)
  • Push notification function
  • My Account


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Depending on your needs, you can add multiple functions on top of the basic app.

Below are business models that can leverage the app.

Beauty supply, wholesale store, retail store, nail shop, indoor golf course, beauty salon, beauty products, cosmetics shop, nail shop, skin care, spa, massage, restaurant (restaurant, fast food), bakery, donut shop, cafe, club, Car wash, academy, sports, kindergarten, tutor, travel, lodging, clinic, handyman, real estate agent, lawyer, accountant, tax accountant, religious group

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