New arrival app module

If all modules are purchased together with the basic app purchase, there is no additional installation cost.

If you purchase it separately later, you will need to purchase an additional installation fee + update (Apple store & Play store) product.


It is the most classic way to introduce new products and receive orders, and it is still used in many stores.

When used together with push, you can feel the sense of speed that is delivered quickly and without omission incomparable to other means of promotion (email, text message).

All messages sent in both directions are kept within the app.

* There is no installation cost if purchased together with the purchase of the basic app.


Step 1. Select customers to introduce new products (total or individual)

Step 2. Deliver new products to customers through push with images

Step 3. Customers immediately check new products through ‘Ding Dong’ notifications

Step 4. After checking the new product, the customer places an order via message within the app.

Step 5. Prepare the product after confirming the order on the provided manager page.


Test the new product introduction module


  • Videos and images can be attached
  • Individual or full messages can be sent
  • Choose a send date


Yubinsoft New arrival app module

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